Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gifts ideas for Powede Lawrence(Eninelly17)

Congratulations to the Couple Powede Eniola Lawrence and Ikenna Nelly Awujo. May you always hold on to each other with trust and faith. Wishing you a blissful Married Life.

The bride Powede Eniola Lawrence as you know is a Beauty queen who contested MBGN 2013 and won Miss Tourism. She is also career driven as she is a Nurse and a Pilot.

Homekits has compiled creative and memorable lasting impression of irresistible Wedding gifts for the couple.

Counting Down to Irresistible gift

1) Tramontina Cookware 5pcs sets 65360|015: The beautiful cookware sets are non-stick and highly durable they give a certain beauty to your kitchen, like brightening up the atmosphere.  The set is available in black and yellow colour. 

To buy black Tramontina Cookware Set 5pcs 65360|015 online in Nigeria   .

To buy yellow Tramontina Cookware Sets 5pcs Yellow Online 65380/018

Homekits says: Are you  fashion conscious or you love interior decor maybe you just want something durable to give your children/grandchildren. This tramontina set gives you that as it guarantees a lifetime warranty.  WOW factor though highly priced it worth every penny. Trust me the best wedding gifts that the couple will remember in 20years 😀

2) The Complete kitchen sets of Glasscup: The glassware is a set of 12 with 3 different designs .

To buy Complete Kitchen 12 pieces online Glass cups in Nigeria

Homekits says the perfect sets of glasscups as in if you use 4 of a design and its breaks you can always replace 4 and 4 again before you runout the perfect sets of Replaceable cups suitable for starting a home.

3)Tramontina Dish Drainer : If you are looking for durability or trying to add spice to your kitchen think of these two drainers in different designs available in orange, yellow ,black ,red.

Tramontina Drainer -Yellow

To buy Dish Drainer 61530|000 Online in Nigeria,

Homekits says  If you are looking for durability you got it, if you are looking for class you have it. If you are looking for a gift that the person will call you in 10years to say thank-you once more you have seen it.

3) The Tramontina New Kolor : A sets of 24 a nice sets of cutlery which gives your home a distinct look Tramontina products are known for durability.

To buyTramontina 25pcs Tableware Set New Kolor in Nigeria

Homekits says : Now this sets of cutlery you may have seen it while growing up over and over again it serves a purpose everyday use or the sets of cutlery just for people living with you but if you are looking for exquisite check item 7.

4)The Luminarc  Dinner Sets: The all in one dinner sets suitable for family dining perfect and long lasting gifts to a new couple.To buy Luminarc Dinner Set

Homekits says  Are you a lover of fine dinning sets  or  you are efizzy mama looking for an elegant dinner sets to WOW your guests at Home  get the Luminarc dinner sets. Though highly priced very suitable as a gifts.

5) Russell Hobbs Stainless steel 5piece knife sets: The perfect knife set for family use it contains the bread knife,, carving knife.Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel 5 Piece Knife Set

To buyRussell Hobbs Stainless Steel 5 Piece Knife Set

Homekits says : The perfect knife sets for all activities in the kitchen for meats, bread or to cut vegetables .

6) Tramontina 3pcs Nonstick Frying Pan 3in 1 :The perfect gift set in sizes 8,10 and 12. Available in Red,black,blue.

To buy Tramontina 3pcs Nonstick Frying Pan Online in Nigeria

Homekits says If you are looking for a very affordable gift you can buy these 3 in 1 durable frying pan. These 3 in 1 allows you to fry according to the quantity  so you don’t waste your vegetable oil

7) Tramontina Stainless Steel Cutlery Set 60pcs : The perfect gifts sets contains cutlery sets, tongs  and serving spoons .

Homekits says Madam High service , fine dinning let’s just say they bring these out when father/mother in law is around or let’s just say special guests.

To buy Tramontina Stainless Steel Cutlery Set 60pcs – 66940-017

8) Other Kitchen Accessories Pots. Stand and Splatter screen

Ikea Magnectic Pot stand Online Nigeria

Tramontina Splatter Screen

To buyIkea Magnetic Pot Stand Online in Nigeria

To buy Tramontina Splatter Screen

Homekits says in a bid to rebrand our kitchen to look modern let’s just say we need these two items when you finish cooking and looking for where to place your Pots the Pots stand is suitable for that so you don’t have Black spots on the floor or slab of your kitchen or good for making Amala.

The second item you know we like to fry fish, meat , chicken . Splatter Screen will avoid the hot out from splashing on you.

These wedding gifts ideas is suitable for everyone not necessarily for Powede Lawrence.

Happy  Married Life Powede and Ikenna.

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