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Reasons Why You need a Wedding Gift Registry

Reasons why you need a wedding gifts registry

In Nigeria, Weddings come with lots of giving these article is to enlighten intending couples on reasons why you need a wedding gift registry. Many couples don’t think of the importance of a gifts registry. These article aims to shed more light on reasons why they need one.

  1.  Relevant Wedding gift items: Weddings generally come with lots of gifts either cash or gifts proper. However, the challenge with giving the couple gifts is that 10 other people might be giving the same gift or the quality of the item might not be the standard of the couple, therefore, causing so many unwanted items lying fallow in the home. But with a Gift Registry, you are putting up items you truly need and the best part about gift registry is no matter the cost of an item there is Group Buying. Which gives the couple the item they truly need and quality they desire.
  2. Logistics: Most times people bring gifts to the wedding and it can be very worrisome to get the items from one place to another in the process some items get missing or damaged. However, with a gift registry logistics is easy all items are delivered to the couple on an agreed date.
  3. People who can’t make your wedding: The gift registry provides an opportunity for people to be part of your BIG DAY, especially for weddings outside Lagos or for friends who reside outside Nigeria. It gives them an opportunity to buy a gift for you as a means of compensation.
  4. Easy to acknowledge: These are a very big issue with wedding gifts most times people drop the gifts items without any form of identity and you know the typical Nigerian once they don’t know who gave them the gifts they won’t use it and therefore it is not noted on the Thank-you List.
  5. The Nigerian Factor: Most times people are wary about collecting gifts because of the myth associated with the collection of gifts. However, the gifts registry puts an end to it as the guests buy the items without touching it.

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A quick infographic on why you need a gift registry in Nigeria

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