Smeg BLF01 blender


As with many products in its range, this retro-inspired chrome and gloss Smeg blender certainly looks the part. Available in a range of colours, from pastel blue to cream, this blender is sure to look great in any kitchen.

But it’s not just style over substance here; this Smeg BLF01 blender and 800W motor created one of the smoothest blends out of all the blenders we tested, with no sign of leftover vegetable sediment in our drink.

It’s easy to set up, functional, and straightforward to use, and the speed settings on the side of the base make it easy to change speeds while blending.

The 1.5-litre jug, made from a durable plastic, is lightweight, dishwasher-safe (aside from the blades) and fits snugly into the blender’s base. It’s just as easy to remove as it is to attach.

The compact measuring jug – ideal if you want to add additional liquid to your mix when blending – slots neatly into the blender’s lid, and also doubles up to help remove the blades from the base of the jug when they need cleaning (it’s worth bearing in mind this can be slightly tricky sometimes).

On top of vegetables, this blender can also take on frozen fruit, ice and nuts. It also comes with three pre-set programmes – smoothie, ice crush and pulse – but given its price, customers might be disappointed to learn that there isn’t a pre-set soup function. It can still be used to blend soups though, and the jug is thermo-resistant.

For those short on space, this model is nice and compact, and also easy to hold thanks to an ergonomically-designed handle. To keep things neat, there’s a cord tidy at the bottom of the blender’s base to keep things neat and tidy.

This appliance was quieter than some of the other blenders we tested, and in spite of being sturdy, the jug was one of the lightest we tried. The lid also provided great suction, sitting snugly on the jar to prevent leakages, but equally released easily

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