Member’s Mark 9″ and 13″ Cast Iron Enamel Skillet, 2-Pack


9″ and 13″ cast iron and enamel skillets
Cast iron with interior and exterior enamel coating
Oven safe up to 500°F (260°C)
Easy-pour side spout
Hand wash only

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Member’s Mark 9″ and 13″ Cast Iron Enamel Skillet, 2-Pack

These versatile pans will be your new favorites in the kitchen! Heat-resistant up to 500°F, the enamel cast iron pans are perfect for searing, sautéing and even baking.

With a beautiful enamel finish, our cast-iron grill pans can sear a juicy, sizzling-hot steak, burger or fish fillet with perfect browning. Our smaller sized pan is ideal for sautéing vegetables or seafood. Like most enamel cookware, due to nature of its process and ceramic-like feature,

it is not considered to be non-stick. So add a little cooking oil or spray to the pans before use for easier cooking and clean-up afterwards! Helpful tip: Food, especially eggs – will stick if the heat is too high.

So be patient. Don’t crank it to high heat because you’re in a hurry and then drop it down to medium heat. Give yourself a little extra time and have it come up slowly. Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Wash and dry cookware before first use. Enameled Cast Iron can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cooktops, and are oven safe to 500 °F (260 °C).

  • Do not use in microwave ovens, on outdoor grills or over campfires.
  • Always lift cookware to move to prevent scratching.
  • Do not heat an empty skillet. Add water or oil when heating.
  • For added longevity, pre-heat and cool your cookware gradually.
  • Low to medium heat when cooking stovetop provides best results due to natural heat retention of cast iron. Do not use high heat.
  • To sear, allow cookware to gradually come to heat.
  • Brush cooking surface and food surface with vegetable oil just before placing food into the pan.
  • Use wooden, silicon or nylon utensils. Metal can scratch the enamel finish.
  • The heat retention of cast iron requires less energy to maintain a required temperature.
  • Turn the burner down to achieve the desired temperature Use oven mitts to protect your hands from hot cookware. Protect countertops/tables by placing hot cookware on trivets or heavy cloths.

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