Magimix 1.8L Le Blender


This sturdy Magimix blender combines design and functionality with finesse. Solid and practical, it’s big enough to be able to withstand up to 1.8L, but also not too bulky, meaning it can sit firmly (thanks to its non-slip feet) on a kitchen countertop.

It’s incredibly straightforward to use. Its base displays three large and easy-to-touch ‘stop’ ‘auto’ and ‘pulse’ buttons, and there’s a twisty dial detailing a four-speed setting. There are also pre-set options for ice crushing as well as smoothies, soups (hot or cold) and frozen desserts such as ice cream.

The stainless blades are double-action – meaning they cut vertically and horizontally – and this is evident in the smooth blends the appliance creates. They can also be removed easily for washing.

The variable speed dial is handy, meaning you can easily alter the power output of the blend while your ingredients are mixing.

If you happen to overload the jug with ingredients, or you haven’t attached the blending jug correctly, a flashing light will handily indicate exactly that, and the appliance will go into safety mode.

The jug is made out of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, making it ideal for soups and sauces, and it’s not too heavy to remove from the base, or to clean. The jug also handily details an array of measurements including litres, pints, cups and ounces, so you can whip up your recipes with precision.

The blender benefits from having a tight-fitting suction lid, preventing any unwanted leakages, and also comes with a spatula to push down any stubborn ingredients. Its rectangular jug is also easy-to-clean.

We also found it to be a lot quieter than some of the models we tested, and this is confirmed by its certified ‘Quiet Mark’ credentials.

Its in-built auto-clean function is easy to use; simply pour lukewarm water and a couple of drops of washing liquid into the blender jug and let it run for 30 seconds at speed three.

It’s worth noting this blender also comes with a recipe book (instructions for using the blender are at the front), containing recipes for everything from soups and cocktails to ice creams and dips.

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