Kenwood KVL6100S Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer, Silver


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Kenwood KVL6100S Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer, Silver

Whether you’re tackling a brand new recipe or preparing your go-to dish, the KVL6100S Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer from Kenwood allows you to explore endless possibilities when it comes to food preparation.

By combining innovative Total Mix Planetary Action with Kenwood’s range of dedicated bowl tools, this smart kitchen accessory offers complete control over every last detail. The exclusive folding tool will incorporate heavy and light ingredients to make airy and fluffy mixtures, while the K-beater will help you produce perfectly kneaded dough with no effort.

With perfect results every time, the Chef Elite will give you the confidence to try something new. You can even broaden your creativity and update your mixer with over 20 specialised accessories to choose from.

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