electriQ multifunctional blender, smoothie and soup maker


This was the largest of all the multi-function blenders we tried, its base more sizeable than others we tested, but considering its power, capabilities and modest price, this electriQ 1800W machine certainly impressed.

The sturdy base comes with a set of built-in, easy-to-use touch controls, which also happen to be adjustable if you need to alter the speed and time of what you’re blending. It has 8-speed variable settings overall.

The base also has a number of pre-set functions to make the tasks at hand a little bit easier; choose from juice, nut milk, sauce, smoothie, soup and protein shake.

This blender’s Japanese stainless-steel blades and powerful 1800W motor are able to pulverise ingredients, including nuts, seeds and grains, with ease. While the blender acts like a food processor, all of its functions conveniently use the same blade, saving time and reducing washing-up.

It’s also worth noting that – impressively – this blender can rustle up a hot soup from cold ingredients in just five minutes, and it also makes a great hot chocolate from scratch, too.

On the colder end of the scale, it can make sorbets and ice creams, too. The blender also comes with a tamper, to help you push down any stubborn or tricky-to-blend-ingredients and there’s an efficient self-clean function if you’re looking to save time and energy.

It’s slightly noisy, but given its impactful 1800W motor, this is to be expected. Overall, it made an impressively smooth test juice.

The Tritan BPA-free jug is surprisingly lightweight, and the handle has been ergonomically-designed, to give you more control over pouring. The lid fits securely, but it can sometimes be a little tricky to remove.

The instruction manual includes a number of recipes, from juices and smoothies to hummus, soup and nut butter.

Overall, this model certainly gives pricier blenders – and even food processors – a run for their money. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to eliminate any unnecessary gadgets from your kitchen.

There’s not much this blender can’t do – it even comes with a handy toothbrush for cleaning.

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