Homekits.com.ng is an e-commerce wedding gift registry service in Nigeria. Homekits is designed to create a memorable experience for couples through gifting.

Yes, you can
We’re both an e-commerce store with a niche focus on kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances and also a wedding gift registry service. So just shop normally you don’t need to register for the wedding gift registry.

An online registry helps you easily receive the wedding gifts you really want. You can simply select a list of gifts you want, based on your taste, lifestyle, and needs. We offer tips and advice on choosing your gifts on our blog post segment.

Once the wedding is over, all gifts are delivered straight to your home, so those buying gifts for you don’t need to bring the gift to the function and gifts will not be stolen, lost or touched by anyone. We provide you with a list of all gifts bought and names of people who bought gifts for you from Homekits.com.ng wedding registry.

When should I create my wedding registry?
It is advisable you start as soon as you have a list of what you want for your home.
Preferable share the link with family and friends at least 8 weeks before the wedding date.

How do I share my registry?
You can share the link of your gift registry by text, WhatsApp, Email, or on your social media page or attach to your physical wedding invitation that you have a Gift Registry list on homekits.com.ng. Contact us so we can discuss ways to share your gift registry.

We give you the opportunity to finalize any gift swaps or changes after your wedding before any gifts are ordered. This allows you to get the gifts you really need or that your heart desires. Please be aware that you cannot swap for lower items but only higher items or an equivalent of the same price.

When couples close off their registry, they are given the option to exchange items for newer ones that have come up since they registered, or put the value of a few of the smaller gifts towards one or two larger pieces. After the registry is delivered, if anything arrives that they are not happy with, they can return it in exchange for another product of the same value or get a Homekits Voucher.

Where does Homekits Online Deliver?
We deliver across the 36 states for Wedding Gift Registry services.

Don’t worry about it!
Rather than stress yourself to carry the gift with you, we’ll keep everything safe with us and deliver the whole registry to the couple after the special day.

However, when selecting your items there will be Vouchers for Group Gifting #10000, #15000 #20000

If you’ve registered for a product which may become out of stock, it is likely that product will be removed from your registry temporarily until it comes back in again. If the item is discontinued, it will also be removed but we will notify you of any such changes so that you can manage your registry accordingly.

If the item goes out of stock or gets discontinued after a guest has ordered it we’ll contact you to let you know so you can add another item or add the money to other big budgets items.
Purchase of items are made immediately items have been bought on your gift registry list.

As soon as you sign up for a wedding gift registry on Homekits.com.ng, you will receive a mail asking for delivery details. (Date & Address).

Delivery of items could take 2days-6weeks, depending on availability of items.

However, a week to your wedding we will contact you.

Sure, at checkout you can write a personalized message which will be included with your gift to the couple.


Are you interested in selling on Homekits Online?
Send a mail to hello@homekits.com.ng