Why Join Us

  • It’s easy to join.

  • Receive commission every time you refer Homekits.com.ng successfully.

  • Get paid immediately  or build up the commission for substantial payments.

  • Create lifetime experiences for your clients through gifting.

  • Exclusive offers to share with your  customers.

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  • Refer a client to our online gift registry service.
  • A commission range of 2.5% to 5% of the total amount spent by the clients will be paid for the referral ie 2.5% for transactions lesser than or equal to #70,000 while 5% for transactions above #70,000
  • We have a maximum payout of  #30,000. The rest will be added to your bonus payout.
  • Once the gift registry has been closed you get paid after 30days
  • A commission is given when sales take place.
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