Magimix 5200XL Premium BlenderMix food processor

Magimix have a loyal following and chances are, if you had one growing up, you’ve either got one or are saving up for one. They’re twice the price of most other models on the market, but live up to their name.

This has a mighty 1100W motor, which comes with a 30-year guarantee and automatically adjusts for the task needed. It’s super fast too – 10 seconds extra whizzing and you’ll go from chopped onions to onion juice. The wider feed slot is brilliant for slicing things like cabbage for coleslaw, and it also means a lot of things can be sliced in half and popped through, saving time. It comes with a citrus press, which is a bit laborious unless you have 10 lemons to juice.

It also comes with a brilliant dough hook, which made the lightest of doughs, and a fantastic egg whisk, ideal for creating fluffy whites. It’s big so you’ll need space. However, if you want a machine you’ll grow into, it’s worth the investment.

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